Jim Bishop: The Creative Leader’s Journey: Breaking Free from Urgency Addiction

Mission Facilitators International
Jun 4, 2024
3:00 am
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About Jim Bishop:

With over two decades of immersive experience in executive development, corporate leadership, and human performance, Jim Bishop stands as a beacon of transformative leadership through his business, Conjunction Leadership. Jim’s journey has taken him across the globe, coaching executives, and diverse teams and orchestrating the modernization of leadership systems for transforming business units. 

Having collaborated with industry giants like Eli Lilly, Roche, and Elanco, Jim recognized the pivotal role of a visionary leader willing to first work on themselves while revitalizing their culture. This catalyzed the birth of Conjunction Leadership in 2020, where Jim provides executive coaching and team development solutions. 

As a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Leadership Facilitator with Blanchard, Jim’s methods are a blend of science and art. He empowers executives through executive coaching, corporate culture consulting, and team effectiveness programs, focusing on holistic development within volatile contexts. 

At Conjunction Leadership, transformation starts within. The exclusive DISRUPT, BRIDGE, and GROW process guides leaders on a journey of self-discovery, mindset shifts, and measurable growth.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Jim Bishop discuss:

  • The importance of creating space for people to be present, manage their energy, and be self-reflective
  • The challenges faced by successful leaders in their forties who pursue goals based on others’ expectations rather than their own desires
  • The impact of the pandemic and social unrest on redefining leadership to include both masculine and feminine energies
  • The need for leaders to slow down decision-making processes and embrace variations of gray in a world bombarded with information
  • The importance of leaders taking stock of their emotions and regulating their behavior to create a calm and productive environment


Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders must be skilled at creating space for people to be present, manage their energy, and engage in self-reflection to achieve optimal results.
  • Successful leaders in their forties may experience dissatisfaction and depression if they pursue goals based on others’ expectations rather than their own passions and values.
  • The pandemic and social unrest have led to a new employee value proposition that emphasizes meaning, connection, and a more holistic understanding of individuals in the workplace, recognizing the importance of both masculine and feminine leadership energies.
  • In a world bombarded with information, leaders need to slow down decision-making processes and embrace variations of gray to facilitate more productive conversations and better decisions.
  • Leaders must take stock of their emotions and regulate their behavior to create a calm and productive environment, preventing burnout and helping to solve societal issues.


“By leading with grace and ease, leaders can help solve societal issues and prevent burnout.” — Jim Bishop


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