Irene Riad: How to Lead with a Legacy Mindset

Mission Facilitators International
Aug 22, 2023
3:00 am
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Discover the stark cultural differences in leadership styles between the Middle East and the West. From relationship building in Saudi Arabia to efficiency in the West, find out how these contrasting approaches impact teamwork and decision-making. But what happens when a leader finds themselves caught between these two worlds, with no clear path forward? Stay tuned to find out…


About Irene Riad:

Irene is the Founder of SIGHTcet, The Self-Mastery Coaching Institute. She is a Speaker, ICF PCC Executive, and Systemic Team Coach, and co-author with the legend Brian Tracy of an upcoming book. She is a certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach by the AOTRC and a certified Master Jungian Coach by the CreativeMind University. 

Irene’s mission is to help people renew their sights of themselves and connect with the superpower of success which they hold within, and improve the quality of their lives, one generation at a time.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Irene Riad discuss how to:

  • Explore variances in leadership approaches between Middle Eastern and Western societies.
  • Grasp why nurturing relationships and trust is pivotal in Middle Eastern leadership practices.
  • Get to know the indirect method of voicing disagreement prevalent in the culture of the Middle East.
  • Recognize how the pandemic has impacted the Middle Eastern work environment.
  • Find out the compelling association between one’s purpose, the legacy one leaves behind, and their intrinsic fulfillment.


“Legacy mindset is about having your legacy clear. What is that legacy that you want to create? And so there is a direction that’s very much connected to who you are as a person.” —  Irene Riad



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