Heather Ivany:  How Reconnecting to Self Builds Resilience and Focus

Mission Facilitators International
Jan 4, 2022
11:00 am
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Heather is a holistic practitioner and teacher of yoga, meditation, and akashic reading. For over 20 years, she’s led teacher training, mentorship programs, and retreats. She offers a combination of innovative in-person and online mentorship programs designed to help the modern individual ascend and align.

Heather was first drawn to explore the illuminative world of yoga through meditation and prayer, which cultivated a passion for delving into the many facets of this ancient practice. As a result, her teachings work within the framework of our daily lives.

“I appreciate that every moment is an opportunity to understand ourselves and press the parameters of our growth and feel into the sparkling vastness all around.”

As a registered ERYT 500 teacher with over 1000 hours of training, she currently mentors individuals privately and in small groups. Her influences are an eclectic mix ranging from Jess Freeman, Ally Bogard, Tanis Fishman, Lindsey Park, Kellyann Vass, Jesse Johnson, Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens, Elena Brower, and more.​

I draw inspiration from the abundance of life in the outdoors where I live in Fernie, British Columbia.

“Our strength should not act as a shield but rather give the power to open our hearts and encourage compassion and integrity to spread into our lives and communities”.

In this episode, Dean Newlund and Heather Ivany discuss:

  • How to guide people effectively
  • Accessing the home within
  • Exploring other options
  • What to do with resistance

Key Takeaways:

  • People connect to consciousness in different ways. As a teacher, a guide, or a coach, if you impose onto somebody how you think their spirituality should be, then you’re not helping them. The answer is within.
  • You can be anywhere on the planet and access your “home within” – once you practice accessing this regularly and start enjoying it, it creates a pleasure center within your brain.
  • Don’t get discouraged when you “fail” at any spiritual or mindfulness practice, but take this chance to explore other options that might work for you.
  • Invite resistance, embrace it, and challenge it. It’s necessary for the process of growth and in knowing yourself more.

“So often we love to be told how to have an experience outside of this 3D form… Our connection to consciousness is personal, and how we choose to… might be very different from how someone else connects to consciousness.” — Heather Ivany

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