Ginine Capozzi: Crafting Transformative Training Solutions

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Apr 16, 2024
3:00 am
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In the latest episode of “The Business of Intuition,” host Dean Newlund and his guest, Ginine Capozzi, discuss a prevalent challenge in corporate training and development – the rapid decay of knowledge retention. Dean asserts that within a month, participants of traditional training workshops can lose up to 90% of the information they’ve learned. This startling statistic steers our discussion towards a vital question: How do we make training and development more impactful?


About Ginine Capozzi :

Ginine Capozzi is an L&D Consulting, Professional CoActive Coach, and Owner of KnowledgeForce Consulting. Ginine has made it her mission to revolutionize training solutions to power people and businesses. With a background in Learning and Development Strategy, Ginine has over 15 years of industry experience, making her an ideal fit for podcasts targeting owners, founders, directors/VPs of HR, talent development, engineering, and sales.

She is a hands-on leader, well-versed in the science of adult learning and change management, with expertise in curriculum development and instructional design. Ginine’s unique approach emphasizes the compounding returns training offers, even with as little as 1% behavior change. 

Ginine’s knowledge and passion for reimagined training solutions that are strategically planned and executed have made her an asset to numerous Fortune 500 companies. She continues to push the boundaries of training excellence, using techniques like Whole Brain Thinking, gamification, and e-learning to deliver dynamic and engaging content. 


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Ginine Capozzi  discuss:

  • Keeping Skills and Mindsets Alive

Creating sustained impact from training doesn’t stop at simply providing information; it involves reinforcement through continuous practice, reflection, and coaching.

  • Headwinds Against Learning: Loneliness and Distraction

Another significant challenge faced in the realm of training and development is what some might call a “pandemic of loneliness and isolation.” These sociocultural shifts can significantly dampen an individual’s capacity to learn. 

  • The Influence of Voices in Training

Making sure voices are heard and utilized within training sessions is another focus area discussed. By keeping participants engaged and focused, the effectiveness of training is greatly enhanced. 

  • Their Conclusion: Trusting the Ripple Effect

The impact of training extends beyond the immediate creating a ripple effect we may not fully comprehend. Trust in the process and the unseen transformation can help organizations and trainers appreciate the long-term value of their efforts.


“The easy answer would be like, one size fits all, go do it. 8 hours later, you come back a changed person… Humans don’t work that way. We work in incremental progress. That’s why I really believe in shifting the metrics of thinking about how we look at training and development”

— Ginine Capozzi 


Connect with Ginine Capozzi :  

Website URL: https://www.knowledgeforceconsulting.com/  

LinkedIn (Personal): https://www.linkedin.com/in/gininecapozzi/

LinkedIn (Company): https://www.linkedin.com/company/knowledgeforce-consulting/



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