Gerardo Segat: When Intuition Becomes Clarity

Mission Facilitators International
Apr 30, 2024
3:00 am
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In this powerful and insightful episode, leadership coach Gerardo Sagat shares his journey of infusing empathy and intuition into the world of leadership. Discover the power of Vebate, a format designed to involve stakeholders in corporate decisions, and learn how Gerardo’s show “Out as Humans” combines performing arts, powerful questioning, and storytelling to liberate the humanity of world leaders.

About Gerardo Segat:

With 20 years of experience in the family office industry, Gerardo Segat transitioned his career in 2016, becoming a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Since 2017, he has focused on leadership coaching, aiming to humanize leaders and organizations worldwide.

As an active member of YPO for over a decade, Gerardo founded and chaired two chapters, contributing significantly to the organization’s growth.

Gerardo is known for his innovative approach to coaching, having developed various programs and formats, including corporate coaching, decision-making debates, and interview techniques. His latest creation, “Out As Humans,” is a performing arts show designed for C-level executives.

Outside of work, Gerardo enjoys heli-skiing and deejaying, balancing his passion for adventure with creative pursuits.

In this episode, Dean Newlund and Gerardo Segat discuss some key topics:

  • Gerardo Sagat aims to infuse leadership with empathy and intuition by connecting leaders to their humanity
  • Gerardo shares a story about how his intuition led him to an unexpected meeting with an Italian prime minister, changing his career path
  • Gerardo helped mediate a high-stakes soccer club negotiation between an Italian prime minister and a potential buyer
  • The speaker focuses on coaching world leaders and top executives to help humanize them and their organizations
  • Gerardo created “Out as Humans,” a show combining performing arts, powerful questioning, and storytelling to liberate the humanity of world leaders
  • Vebate, or voting debate, is a format created by Gerardo to involve stakeholders in corporate decision-making

“Humanity makes the impossible become possible. Humanity turns intuition, which is your safety, into clarity.” — Gerardo Segat

Connect with Gerardo Segat:  

Website URL: http://www.gerardosegat.com

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