Eric Thomas: Why Intentionality and Data Make DEI Successful

Mission Facilitators International
May 8, 2023
3:00 am
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Eric Thomas leads the DE&I practice at Genesys where he is charged with developing global programs that deliver progressive diversity and foster an inclusive culture throughout the company. He focuses on programs that aid to attract, develop and promote talent that is representative of the communities the company serves. 

Prior to his current role, Eric served as vice president of Global Delivery, in Genesys Professional Services leading a team of more than 450 employees responsible for worldwide implementation services. Eric held multiple leadership roles at Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson where he drove employee resource groups focused on the unique challenges African Americans face in corporate settings. 

Eric co-founded and served on the board of three non-profit organizations that mentored young African American males in underserved cities. He also supported the creation of the Collin County NAACP branch where he remains an active member. Eric is currently a member of the CNBC Workforce Executive Council.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Eric Thomas discuss:

  • Leading a company’s diversity efforts
  • Improving empathy relationships between people at a local level
  • What is an inclusive leader?
  • Building diversity practices at your company


Key Takeaways:

  • Throughout Genesys’ journey, they have emphasized inclusion – setting diversity goals for women and different racial and ethnic groups, developing an inclusion index, and engaging employees.
  • Partnerships and a monthly cadence of cultural programming at Genesys are key to improving empathy relationships at the company.
  • Leaders who embrace inclusive practices have a growth mindset, and a level of curiosity, are willing to unlearn in order to learn new things, and act and lead with courage.
  • If you’re on a journey to build out diversity practices at your company, intentionality has to be at the core of everything you do and data has to be your best friend. 


“Diversity is diverse representation. Inclusion is when you have the diverse representation, taking the action and make sure that their voices are being heard.” —  Eric Thomas



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