Dr. Marcelo Hochman: What You Can Do to Fix the Broken Healthcare System: A Doctor’s Perspective

Mission Facilitators International
Jun 11, 2024
3:00 am
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About Dr. Marcelo Hochman:

Dr. Marcelo Hochman is a well-known speaker and double Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon on a mission to build better medicine for patients and doctors, not just better business.  Recognized by CNN, WSJ, and USA Today, Dr. Hochman led the national charge on providing PPE for medical staff during Covid and is the president of Indedocs, an organization founded to help provide more options for patients and doctors and disrupt the controlling and limiting healthcare bureaucracy. 


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Dr. Marcelo Hochman discuss:

  • The challenges of leading a company, building a team, or enhancing your personal brand when dealing with injuries or illnesses
  • The benefits of independent healthcare practices for both care providers and patients
  • The significance of physician autonomy in preventing burnout and the challenges faced by doctors working within large healthcare systems
  • The importance of exposing medical students and residents to private practice to foster fulfilling medical careers
  • The financial challenges faced by hospitals and the goal to provide alternative healthcare options


Key Takeaways:

  • Independent physicians offer patients more personalized care, with better access, quality, and convenience compared to large hospital systems.
  • Smaller, private practice outpatient facilities can provide more efficient and personalized care compared to hospital-run outpatient centers, which are often volume-driven.
  • Eliminating non-compete agreements, revising certificate of need laws, and incentivizing charity care through tax credits for physicians could transform healthcare in rural states.
  • Employment in system medicine often leads to frustration and burnout, while independent practice allows for autonomy and patient-focused care.
  • Despite the trend of physicians becoming employed, there are still opportunities for independent practice, such as the repeal of certificate of need laws and the banning of non-compete clauses.


“Patients prefer the ease of access, convenience, and continuity of care that independent practices provide.” — Dr. Marcelo Hochman


Connect with Dr. Marcelo Hochman:  

Website URL: https://drhochmanspeaks.com/

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