Dr. James Pogue: Inclusive Leadership: “The RIGHT Kind of Uncomfortable”

Mission Facilitators International
Oct 24, 2023
3:00 am
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Have you ever heard these myths about workplace inclusivity? Myth #1: Inclusivity is just another buzzword and doesn’t impact organizational success. Myth #2: Hiring diverse talent means compromising on qualifications and skills. Myth #3: Inclusivity efforts only benefit underrepresented groups, neglecting the needs of the majority of employees. Stay tuned as Dr. James Pogue debunks these myths and reveals the truth about the importance of inclusivity in organizations.


About Dr. James Pogue:

Dr. Pogue provides thought leadership to leaders and organizations to push them to address Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias (DIBs); directly and significantly. As the President and CEO of JP Enterprises, he has spearheaded the development of The DIBs Model, a critical component of the organization’s work and success. An outgrowth of research and grounded in theory, this model spawned the DIBs Assessment , a tool used to measure where an organization, team, or individual is on their diversity journey, thus providing the best opportunity for strategic recommendations and change. 

Dr. Pogue is also the creator of The No-Nonsense Experience, a diversity discussion series that leverages cohort learning and emergent best practices to keep participants in ‘The RIGHT Kind of Uncomfortable’. Dr. Pogue supports leaders in making decisions that attract, engage, and retain talent at all levels; and deepens the learning around diversity, inclusion, and bias.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Dr. James Pogue discuss how to:

  • Enhance workplace productivity and innovation through a focus on inclusivity.
  • Drive better customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Measure and track inclusivity to identify areas for improvement and set meaningful goals.
  • Provide individualized coaching and professional development plans to support the growth and success of all employees.
  • Foster senior leader buy-in for inclusivity to establish a culture of diversity from the top down.


“Equality is giving everyone the same thing, but equity is about giving people what they need to succeed. We can’t expect everyone to thrive if we don’t provide the necessary support and resources. ” — Dr. James Pogue


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