Dr. Clint Ladine: Motivating Your Team for Success

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Jul 25, 2023
3:00 am
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In this episode of The Business of Intuition, Clint Ladine, a leadership coach, shares transformative insights on motivating teams and fostering personal growth. But just as leaders are ready to implement these strategies, disruptive technology enters the picture, leaving them questioning their entire approach. Find out how leaders navigate this challenging situation in the latest episode of The Business of Intuition.


About Dr. Clint Ladine:

Dr. Clint Ladine is on a mission to help leaders utilize coaching techniques to unleash the power of their teams, optimize their leadership skills and drive performance to new heights. As a leadership/success coach and former professional basketball player, Dr. Clint knows the difference between a bad coach and a good coach. A bad coach is self-focused, believes that they are the only expert, and expects you to fall in line no matter what. A good coach unlocks hidden potential, nurtures natural abilities, and encourages people to fly.

To that end, he has written, Power Coaching, which many are calling a “must have”, in their leadership toolbox. Dr. Clint Ladine is also the owner of Successfully Coaching, a leadership coaching business whose mission is to help leaders overcome obstacles to achieving success. He has also been featured on Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliated outlets.

Dr. Clint’s mission began with a life-changing encounter with coaching. While in the midst of his career, he was introduced to coaching, finding it to be transformative for him, his team, and his organization. He quickly enrolled in a doctoral program to learn more about the psychology and methodology of coaching and has since become a sought-after writer, author, and speaker on the subject of Leadership Coaching.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Dr. Clint Ladine discuss how to:

  • Discover proven methods that inspire productivity and magnify team success
  • Learn unique approaches to personal and professional development for sustainable leadership
  • Gain insights into the transformative impact of disruptive technologies, like AI, in the professional hemisphere
  • Uncover best practices for smooth transitions and effective communication during technological epochs
  • Understand the importance of humility in leadership and explore strategies that enable employees to achieve remarkable results


“A key component to start with is to begin to reframe some of the issues that you’re going through. Understand that a limiting belief is going to hold you back, whereas a realistic outlook will keep you moving forward.” —  Dr. Clint Ladine


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