Doug Sandler: The Power of Podcasting to GROW your Business

Mission Facilitators International
Nov 3, 2020
8:00 am
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Doug Sandler is an entrepreneur and podcast industry leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First, is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.  As a podcast host of The Nice Guys on Business, Doug has interviewed Gary V, Arianna Huffington, John C. Maxwell, and dozens of celebs. Doug is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and founder of TurnKey Podcast Productions, providing podcast production, editing, and launch services. His Nice Guys podcast, with over 1,000 episodes, has been downloaded 3.5 million times in more than 175 countries.

In this episode, Dean Newlund and Doug Sandler discuss:

  • Life-changing events that alter the course of our lives.
  • Why podcasting? Build community, make money, or grow influence.
  • Training on how to launch a successful podcast business.
  • Finding your confidence, your mojo, and your creative attitude.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make a positive mindset shift and strive to understand how your podcast can benefit you.
  • Your mindset and mental position is everything and will take you everywhere. What energy you put into the universe is the energy you get back.
  • Your relationships and connections in the world are everything. Build and nurture them.
  • Take a look at things through a conscious mind.

Stay in your zone of genius.” —  Doug Sandler.

See Dean’s TedTalk “Why Business Needs Intuition” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEq9IYvgV7I

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