Dane Jensen: Why pressure isn’t the problem, it’s the solution

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Jul 20, 2021
7:00 am
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Dane Jensen is the CEO of Third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, an instructor at Queen’s University and the University of North Carolina, a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and The Power of Pressure (HarperCollins).

Dane oversees Third Factor’s leadership development programs to leading firms across North America, including SAP, RBC, Uber, Twitter, the USGA, etc. In addition, he teaches in the Full-Time and Executive MBAs at Queen’s Smith School of Business in Canada. He is Affiliate Faculty with UNC Executive Development at the Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill.

In addition to his corporate work, Dane works extensively with athletes, coaches, leaders, and Boards across Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic sport system to enhance National competitiveness. He has worked as an advisor to Senior Executives in 23 countries on five continents and is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Dane Jensen discuss:

  • The different types and flavors of pressure
  • Seeing patterns in pressure 
  • How to make your pressure an ally rather than a foe
  • Managing conflict productively 


Key Takeaways:

  • Pressure can be uncomfortable, and there are downsides, but what gets people through high-pressure times is the energy that comes with the stress. 
  • Bring your pressure into awareness. Once you’re aware of what you’re feeling, you can give yourself the freedom to choose. Harness pressure as an energy, or get burned by it. 
  • As a leader, when you see negative emotion in your team, you want to surface it and figure out what you can do with it. 
  • When resolving conflict, you have two good options. First, you can have some space and wait for each other to cool down. Or you can also try bringing your emotions into awareness and choose to switch into the perspective that others might be right. 
  • You don’t have to agree with what others believe, but until you’re able to bring people into a place where they feel like they’re being heard and that you understand, it’s doubtful that they’ll be open to influence or understand you as well. 


“Pressure is a form of energy; it’s a double-edged sword. Electricity can heat our house, run our stove and our air-conditioning but it can also burn your house down. Because it is energy, it can be helpful, but if left unchecked, it can lead to the garden path.” —  Dane Jensen.


See Dean’s TedTalk “Why Business Needs Intuition” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEq9IYvgV7I

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