Dana Wright-Wasson: How Focusing on Employee Experience Can Make A Great Company

Mission Facilitators International
Jun 8, 2021
10:00 am
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About Dana Wright-Wasson: As a speaker, graphic facilitator, and coach, Dana Wright-Wasson believes in using focused conversations and design thinking tools to create purposeful culture, empathetic leadership, and fantastic employee experiences. With over 25 years of working in organization development, strategic planning, and change management, she understands that essential conversations need to improve communication, increase effectiveness, and improve culture. She understands the qualities leaders need to be productive and empathic.

As a graphic facilitator, Dana brings the art of conversation to the forefront. She believes that structured discussions are vital to redesigning an employee’s experience and how they engage, helping them show up as their true selves and share their energy and passion at work.

As a proud author of three books, Dana showcases her passion and knowledge for creating a thriving company culture, empathetic leadership, and employee experience and engagement. Whether speaking in front of a large group, facilitating a session, or connecting one on one, Dana always brings the element of positivity into the room, one that’s passionate and energetic. She loves working with authentic people who are committed to making organizational changes for the better.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Dana Wright-Wasson discuss:

  • The difference between employee experience and employee engagement
  • The future of employee engagement 
  • Accountability for one’s Work-Life Balance. 
  • What is graphic facilitation – how you can communicate in a way where people understand 


Key Takeaways:

  • An individual has particular accountability to their work-life balance. It’s not all on the company or organization to provide that. 
  • A simple trick to increase engagement: ask people how they’re doing. 
  • Create better systems and organization of work to get work done more smoothly 
  • Embrace “whiteboard-ing” when creating ideas – create a shared space that – everyone can see and work together. 

“Employee engagement is the outcome of great employee experience.” — Dana Wright-Wasson


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