Christy Pretzinger: Your Cultural Balance Sheet

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May 28, 2024
3:00 am
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About Christy Pretzinger:

As the owner and CEO of WriterGirl, Christy Pretzinger transformed the landscape of healthcare content creation. She has built an industry-leading company that delivers superior content and strategy to healthcare brands across the country. Along the way, she also changed what it means to work at a growing agency. She’s a popular guest speaker for both organizations and podcasts, always ready to guide audiences on how to grow leaders and build inclusive workplaces.

How does she do it? Christy has always been intentional about building her business based on a culture of kindness. That approach has proven to be good for people — and the bottom line.

Over time, Christy discovered her true calling: to create a workplace that nurtures personal and professional growth and helps other leaders do the same. She’s been featured on numerous podcasts, including From Founder to CEO, Her Million Dollar My$tery, Lead Like a Woman, and Smart Business Revolution.

See for yourself how Christy is reinventing the way businesses evaluate effective leadership, how employees can contribute to success, and how everyone can win. It all starts by building on a foundation of kindness.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Christy Pretzinger discuss:

  • Transforming her marketing agency, WG Content, by creating a culture where individuals feel valued and emotional safety is prioritized
  • How focusing on culture and kindness has contributed to her company’s success and employee retention over 20 years
  • Expanding WG’s services beyond content development into strategy and the company’s name change
  • Finding a niche in providing content writing services for healthcare organizations
  • The unique challenges of marketing in the healthcare industry


Key Takeaways:

  • Building a strong company culture that prioritizes employee well-being and emotional safety can lead to long-term success and employee retention.
  • Focusing on building relationships with clients and helping them connect with their audiences can differentiate a company from competitors in the content creation industry.
  • In healthcare marketing, providing information to help people make the best decisions is more important than traditional advertising strategies.
  • A cultural balance sheet measures the health of an organization’s culture by focusing on assets, liabilities, and the resulting cultural equity built over time through soft skills and trust.
  • Open communication and treating others how they want to be treated are essential in building trust between leaders and employees.

“You have to have that passion for your product and if you don’t have that then you’re not selling the right thing.” — Christy Pretzinger


Watch out for Christy’s upcoming book: “ Your Cultural Balance Sheet: Strategies for Creating an Environment Where People Can Thrive (And Your Bottom Line Will, Too)”


Connect with Christy Pretzinger:  

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