Andrea Edwards: Having the Courage to Trust your Intuition

Mission Facilitators International
May 17, 2022
7:00 am
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Andrea T. Edwards, CSP, The Digital Conversationalist, is a globally award-winning B2B communications professional, who works with the world’s largest companies on the transformation needed to maximize business growth in our digital future. A change agent, provocateur, author, passionate communicator, and social leader. Andrea is all about helping businesses understand how they can empower employees to delight customers, grow personal career opportunities, and build brand success.

Andrea’s book – Uncommon Courage – is a deeper reflection on life, plus an invitation to courage, so we can tackle the biggest issues the world is facing, together. Her first book ‘18 Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile’ is on two Book Authority listings as the ‘100 Best LinkedIn Books of All Time’ and ‘22 Best New LinkedIn eBooks To Read In 2021 and 2022.’

In this episode, Dean Newlund and Andrea Edwards discuss:

  • Trusting your intuition
  • What happens when we ignore intuition
  • Focusing on the solution
  • Hearing your own voice again

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important to pay attention to your intuition and to trust it. There is a sweet spot where intuition and data meet, but that opportunity doesn’t always present itself.
  • Ignoring intuition is ignoring a level of intelligence that’s needed in this world. Intuition is a sensory faculty that sees, hears, and understands data that isn’t easily uncovered by ordinary means.
  • We live in a world that’s saturated with many different kinds of fears. We should be able to listen to that fear but instead of feeling doomed, focus on how we could change what we need to in order to make things better.
  • Find silence in your life. Turn off everything, and put the noise of the world out of your head so that you’ll be able to hear your own voice again. This is where intuition starts and this is how you’ll be able to cultivate it.

“Someone who’s intuitive is a data gatherer in their own right.” — Andrea Edwards

See Dean’s TedTalk “Why Business Needs Intuition” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEq9IYvgV7I

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